About Us

IntellaCoreIT is a leading provider of IT services for businesses in the Tulsa area. Although we do assist businesses throughout the country, our headquarters is right here in Tulsa. Unlike other companies that offer computer repair Tulsa businesses can count on us to stay ahead of the problems. We take a very proactive approach to computer and network maintenance. We utilize the best-of-breed software and hardware to evaluate the health of your network and systems continuously. There is no reason to wait for your computer to break before you call us.

The services we provide include:

Network Security Management – It is no longer a question whether your company will be the target of a cyber-attack, the problem is when you will be the target of a cyber-attack and how you will respond. In today’s “dark web” it is possible for someone with little to no technical ability to found malicious software they can use for profit. They launch this software through websites and emails and wait for the money to come in. This “malware-as-a-service” model is a force multiplier and the number one reason why security experts say that this year will be the worst year ever for ransomware attacks.

Continuous monitoring – we will continuously evaluate the health and security of your network, servers, and desktops. We will also review your data backup plans and monitor the success and usability of those backups. This continuous monitoring is the basis for the proactive maintenance service we provide so that our computer repair Tulsa service is a service you can count on today and in the future.

Asset management – an essential and often overlooked step in the management of your company’s IT resources, is to have an up-to-date, accurate list of all of the hardware and software that you use. We will do a comprehensive review of your systems, and provide you with a detailed system inventory, including any recommendations for updating hardware or upgrading software.

Preventative maintenance – every piece of equipment that you use requires maintenance. It is necessary to perform regular maintenance to keep your servers and workstations operating efficiently and reliably. Computer systems have an added requirement for periodic maintenance. Reliable computer repair Tulsa also means making sure the machine itself is running efficiently and making sure the software is also operating efficiently. Regular updates are critical to the security and reliability of your systems.

With over 30 years of experience in designing and maintaining information technology, IntellaCoreIT is your best choice for a reliable IT service company. We have experienced system administrators, project managers, system architects, software engineers, and database designers on our team. We have the expertise to keep your computers running efficiently and reliably. We can also help you identify opportunities to save costs or increase productivity. This proactive approach is the core of our computer repair Tulsa service.

About the Founder

IntellaCoreIT was founded in December of 2016 by Jeff Johnson. It is always interesting to trace the origins of a company, which often means understanding the background of the founders. Jeff discovered computers in the summer he turned 12. At a drafting class over the summer, he had the opportunity to work with a CAD program. That was the first time Jeff had been in front of a computer keyboard, and he loved it! After working all summer to save money, Jeff was able to buy his first computer…a Radio Shack Color Computer 2! The way he usually tells the story is that he stopped eating, stopped sleeping and spent every waking minute in front of the computer. That is, of course, an exaggeration, but not much of one! Jeff took his first professional IT position at the age of 18, as the systems administrator for Shangri-La Resort and conference center, in Oklahoma. After working there for several years, Jeff moved on to be one of the lead developers from a software company specializing in resort software. Over the next 30 years, Jeff was able to work in various leadership positions for several software and management companies. With over 30 years’ experience with computers and software, Jeff has amassed a considerable background of experience with all aspects of IT management and software development. Jeff has also been in management and “C” level positions for several small businesses. Because of this breadth of experience with both IT and business operations, Jeff is uniquely qualified to help your company develop a successful IT strategy.

Our Mission

The Mission of IntellaCoreIT is to make information technology accessible to provide excellent computer repair Tulsa business owners wait. It is not enough to keep the systems running, but it is also essential to make sure that the IT solutions you are using are the right ones for your business.

Our core values service, integrity, and reliability. We believe that providing excellent service is your goal for your company, and it should be your expectation in your IT service provider. We think that integrity is essential in maintaining a positive and rewarding relationship with our clients. We will always tell you exactly what is happening with your systems, and you can count on having an honest and accurate understanding of an issue so that you can make the best business decision. Finally, we believe that reliability is what you need from us. You need the security of our service and safety in your IT systems.
Our founding vision is deeply rooted in the principle of service to others. We believe that the only right way to do well in business is to do good for others. We know that by always striving to do our best for our clients, we will be able to earn your business consistently.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you what it means for your business to have excellent IT service. Computer repair Tulsa is not something you can ignore. We want you to rest easy, knowing that your systems and your data are secure and are working at their highest efficiency. Don’t accept anything less than excellence from your computer systems or your service provider.