Continuous Monitoring

Once a full inventory has been conducted, and maintenance plans established for each device, we create a detailed action plan for each device. When we enter the active monitoring phase of service, continuous monitoring will be used to gather statistics and to validate that usage falls within expected parameters. If actual device usage is outside of the expected usage, the maintenance plan recommended inventory level for supplies, and the detail action plan will be reviewed and updated.

An important part of asset management is a planned replacement schedule is equipment becomes obsolete. Part of replacement schedule will include appropriate disposal of any devices removed from the business network. For servers and workstations, as part of our computer repair Tulsa service, we will arrange for either the documented, mechanical destruction of the storage devices or a for the certified erasure of all data on the storage device.

In some cases, we can provide credit for the removed devices and arrange for the donation or liquidation of the equipment.
After completion of the initial inventory, we will actively maintain the records to track any change of equipment, warranty, and registration.

A final step in our process includes a network scan to confirm that there are no unexpected devices attached to the company network. For any unexpected endpoints found on the system, a comprehensive review is conducted to ascertain the nature and location, and to assess any potential security risk.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your network and computer equipment is an essential step to make sure that you will always have access to the systems and information that you need. Small business owners often believe they have no choice but to wait for a problem to develop and then hope that they can solve that problem before it causes lost revenue. That may have been the case in the past but that is no longer the case. At IntellaCoreIT, we pride ourselves on taking proactive steps to prevent problems from happening in the first place. An essential truth in business is that you can only manage what you measure. To successfully maintain the complex environment that supports your critical day-to-day business operations, we must continuously monitor every aspect of that environment. This monitoring is what allows us to provide the proactive computer repair Tulsa has come to expect from us.


Service plan important role in any small business network often servers are used to store critical customer information and to facilitate communication between different individuals or different teams in your business. Monitoring all of your servers is the first step in providing the excellent computer repair Tulsa businesses need. When problems develop in a central network server, it could mean the loss of hours if not days of productivity, as well as the risk of losing clients, were underperforming on agreed work. To make sure your servers will always be available when you need them; we monitor many different aspects of the server’s performance. Some of the critical systems that we track are the central processor, disk usage, network usage, and memory allocation. Because we are always watching these indicators, we can see if a problem starts to develop on a server. Because we can detect the problems in the early stages, we can take corrective or preventative action so that what could have been a devastating loss of productivity is prevented or avoided, and you’re able to continue providing the level of service to your clients have come to expect.


In addition to monitoring servers, we will also monitor all of the individual desktops in your network. The temporary loss of a desktop computer is often not as impacting as a loss of the server. But it does have a negative impact on business productivity. Like any well-run business, you likely have the staff that you need in place, and every person on your team is essential. The loss of a desktop system also means the loss of productivity of critical team member. In today’s office, a desktop computer is a vital piece of equipment without access to that equipment your employees will not be able to perform their duties efficiently. As with servers, we monitor all of the essential systems and your desktop computers. Because we are always watching for potential problems and can prevent those problems from occurring, we can keep your desktop computers running reliably and running well. It’s important to note that recent surveys in employee job satisfaction have indicated that slow computers or computer problems are one of the most significant sources of frustration for employees today. By eliminating this frustration, you will provide your employees with a better more productive work environment, which will allow you to retain your well-trained staff.


Laptops today serve primarily the same purpose that desktop computers do, but a significant difference is that notebooks are portable. The advantage of being able to carry work home is substantial and allows your team to maintain productivity even when individual team members are required to travel or to be away from the office. Because laptops are portable, employees take them outside of the corporate network. That introduces additional risk, which required additional monitoring. The computer repair Tulsa needs includes making certain that laptops function as well as they can.

Networking Equipment

Servers and desktops and notebooks are only the most visible components the modern corporate network. Behind the scenes, in between these computers, you will find various pieces of network equipment. Routers, firewalls, switches and VPN hosts, along with other network appliances are located throughout most offices. Like servers and desktop computers, these pieces of equipment require monitoring. As part of our service, we will monitor workload bandwidth utilization and overall health of your network equipment the same as we watch the overall health of your servers and desktops. As with servers, the loss of a critical piece of network equipment can sometimes lead to the loss of entire segments of your network and the worst-case scenario it can mean the loss of all connectivity not only to the Internet but internally between machines as well. To prevent the loss of network connectivity. We continuously observe essential indicators of your equipment health and are in a position to take steps to avoid the loss of connectivity should a problem be detected. Without a stable network, our computer repair Tulsa service would be far less valuable.


Backups will be a part of your overall data security plan. Just having a plan to make data backups, however, is not enough. It is vital for backup processes to be monitored to make sure that they run on schedule and to make sure that no errors occurred during the process. In addition to making sure the backup process itself is running, it’s vital that the backups be examined on a regular basis to make sure that the information being backed up is the information that is expected and to make sure that it is accessible when needed.

Continuous monitoring of all of the components mentioned is the backbone of a good computer management plan. As part of providing computer repair Tulsa can count on, we will take the time to identify all of the servers, desktops, laptops, Network Equipment and backups in your network. For each of these pieces of equipment, we will put a monitoring and maintenance plan in place, and we will immediately begin round-the-clock monitoring so that we can identify potential problems and prevent them from causing harm. We believe that continuous administration will allow us to take proactive steps and to provide preventative maintenance so that your network and systems are always there when you need them.

Over time any piece of equipment will eventually fail. Instead of waiting for that failure, we will be looking for early indicators that a piece of equipment is starting to fail. If the problem is severe enough to require replacement, it is always better to replace equipment in a planned, controlled way than to allow that equipment to fail possibly leading to loss of essential data. Computer repair Tulsa business owners agree, is better done before the failure occurs.