Managed Security

The changing network environment has created more demand for small business networks than ever before. Our computer repair Tulsa service meets this demand. Today’s workforce is much more mobile than in the past. Even small businesses today have to allow for remote work options, virtual private networks, and vendor partnerships which will allow access to company networks. Because it is so vital to enable various types of connectivity’s today, small business networks are increasingly exposed to potential vulnerabilities. As part of our managed security program, we will help you assure the safety of your corporate network your company network, as well as the safety and security of your data. Data security is an often-overlooked component of information security. While many small business owners are aware of the fact that they need to have security devices in place to prevent penetration of the company networks, many small business owners are not as aware of the risk involved with the data on their network. Here are some of the components of a well-managed security program, such as IntellaCoreIT’s computer repair Tulsa service.

Firewall – The first line of defense from external threats is your camp is your network firewall. Just as the name implies, a firewall is meant to provide a heartbreak between your internal network and the external world. It is critically important that you have a robust firewall, that the software and hardware are kept up-to-date, and the configuration is managed appropriately.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention – In addition to having a firewall to prevent unauthorized access, you must also have a managed intrusion detection program. While it is hoped and expected that the firewall prevent will prevent most unauthorized access, there’s always a possibility that a vulnerability on a partner network, or even a bad actor internally, will lead to an intrusion to the system. A proper managed intrusion detection and prevention program works alongside your firewall to stop a malicious invasion before any damage occurs. Computer repair Tulsa business owners know, is more than just maintaining the physical network and machines.
File Integrity Monitoring – File integrity monitoring is the process of maintaining statistics on important security related files. Such files include password stores, system logs, and some configuration files. File integrity monitoring is the process of keeping an accurate record of any changes made to these critical system files. By being aware of any change made, it is possible to stop a potential security vulnerability before it can be exploited.

VPN – A virtual private network allows for a remote individual or worker to connect to the corporate or business network just as though they were working from the office. The virtual private network allows a user to access company information over the public Internet while maintaining security and privacy constraints. A virtual private network extends your company network to remote locations or remote users. Because the VPN allows someone from outside the physical network to access business data, it is essential that the virtual private network is configured and managed correctly to prevent unauthorized access.

Multifactor Authentication- Identity management often involves multifactorial authentication. Multifactorial authentication means that a user must provide more than one authentication method to prove they are who they say they are. Identity management is one aspect of computer repair Tulsa business owners likely have not thought about. An example of multifactorial authentication might be a mobile application that works alongside your password to confirm that an authorized user is requesting access. Multifactorial authentication significantly increases the security of the network because the loss of only one data point such as a password does not automatically grant access to a bad actor.

Web Content and Filtering – Preventing outside intrusions to your business network is one part of network security. To maintain the security of your network, it is also imperative that you stop internal users from unintentionally or intentionally creating a security vulnerability in your network. This often occurs when a user chooses to download unauthorized software, or even chooses to visit a website that it’s been infected with malicious software. While a good antivirus and anti-malware program will prevent most unintentional exploits, a user who stubbornly bypasses security warnings and threat detection systems can sometimes install software which leads to network vulnerability. One of the most common forms of this type of software exploit our special programs to allow users to view media on the Internet, such as video codecs. A well-maintained web content and filtering system can prevent users from visiting sites that are known to contain such malicious software, and can also provide additional security by preventing users from publishing or posting private data to a location that is not secure. Our computer repair Tulsa service includes protections against these types of attacks.

HIPAA and PCI Compliance – There are many consumer protections in place today, and the impact of small businesses is an increase in the regulatory requirements for how user data and client data is managed and maintained. Responsible data governance requires compliance with various regulations, depending on the industry. While the specifics of various regulations very, the general intent is simply to prove that you are taking appropriate measures to insecure the security of consumer data. This means that you have to demonstrate that you have systems and processes in place to prevent unauthorized access to your company systems, and you must also demonstrate that you are chronicling access by authorized users and limiting access to client data to only appropriate and approved usage.

Log Management – Where many of the other systems mentioned are active defenses, log management often provides the ability to detect if one of the active defenses has failed. Correctly monitoring system and network logs will allow your security service to become quickly aware if an intrusion has happened, and also to be aware if an internal user is accessing data they are not authorized for or have no approve usage of.
Why use service?

The fundamentals of network security are well known and well documented, so many small businesses ask why they should use an external security provider, instead of addressing these security concerns on their own. Here are some of the reasons you will be glad you choose our computer repair Tulsa service.
Stronger Security Focus – Small businesses should focus on their core competency. Network security is a complex and rapidly changing area and partnering with a provider with a strong security focus means that you can rest easy knowing that your company data is actively protected from new and evolving threats.
Lower Costs – As with many other industries network security allows for an economy of scale. A managed security provider has access to tools and information that would be much more expensive for small business not focused on network security to obtain.

Solid network and information security policies and systems are absolutely essential for small businesses to function and thrive in today’s connected world. Even one unauthorized access can lead to loss of data, client information, and operational information. It can also lead to a loss of your company’s reputation. Remember, information is valuable. Neglecting your network and information security systems is the same as a bank deciding it does not need security guards.