Asset Management

IT asset management is an integral part of our computer repair Tulsa service. Asset management begins with a detailed inventory of all of the servers, desktops, laptops and network devices attached to your business network. This initial list provides a basic overview of the structure of your business network. Following this initial inventory, we then conduct an in-depth analysis of each device.


For each server, it will be necessary to determine the operating system that is running, the roles that server is performing, and basic statistics about the machine. Essential measurements would include such metrics as processor memory size and speed, storage capacity, and network interface. In addition to reviewing the roles the server performs, we will also confirm that the server has all of the latest required security patches and critical functional patches for the operating system, and any third-party utilities in use. In addition to basic statistics, we will need we will also review the antivirus and anti-malware endpoint protections which are active on the server. We will validate that the antivirus engine is up-to-date and that a plan is in place to actively maintain the virus definitions. The detailed inventory will also include serial numbers for each server, registration information, as well as license information and registration for the operating system. Our server documentation is an integral part of computer repair Tulsa businesses can rely upon now and in the future.


The inventory of desktops and laptops will also include basic statistics such as operating system version, and the specifications of the machine. The specs would consist of such measures as processor speed, memory size, and storage capacity. The inventory for a workstation will also include all of the software installed on that workstation. The initial software list might consist of only the name and version of the software, but a thorough inventory will ultimately be performed, which will also list the license the software is running under, any registered users for that software, and reviewing the roadmap and expected release dates for new versions. To provide computer repair Tulsa team members will love, it will also be necessary to make sure that active protections are in place to protect against malicious software. We will make sure that an antivirus and anti-malware software is running on the workstation, that the antivirus engine is up-to-date. We will review the update process to confirm that virus definitions will be actively maintained. As with servers, the inventory will include the serial number and registration information for each machine, as well as any warranty information.

Network Devices

For our computer repair Tulsa service, the inventory will also include a listing of all network devices attached to the business network. This list will consist of routers, switches, firewalls, and modems. The initial inventory will include statistics for each device such as capacity and speed. The more detailed list will look at the operating system or firmware to make sure that it’s up-to-date and an active maintenance plan is in place. A review will be conducted for each device to ensure the hardware is current, and an upgrade plan developed for each device. The detailed asset list will also include serial numbers, product registration information, and warranty information.

Network Access Points

In addition to the basic statistics such as speed, capacity, and serial number, wireless access points require additional documentation. When a network device provides wireless access, we will keep track of the network ID, encryption, and access control. Because wireless access points represent a potential exploitable weakness in most small business networks, additional review is needed. We will review the device against a list of known exploits, and we will confirm that all necessary steps have been taken to mitigate any known risk. One particular case of wireless devices would be personal devices your employees wish to use in the office. Our recommended practice is to limit connection to the business network to only essential use. If mobile access is required, a client application installed on the device allows for remote erasure of business data. If a business wishes to establish a guest network as a service to employees, the guess network should be password protected. It is also best practice to inform users of the guest network that they are using a monitored connection, inappropriate use is restricted, and that there is no expectation of privacy.


We log each printer attached to the network. Initial inventory will include model incapacity of each printer as well as the type of connectivity. The more detailed list will consist of the serial number, registration, and warranty information for each printer. We establish a maintenance plan for each printer or multifunction device. As part of the computer repair Tulsa maintenance plan, type and model of toner and ink cartridges will be noted for each printer and recommended inventory levels established based on usage statistics. As with other electronic devices, we will confirm that the firmware updates are up to date and a maintenance plan is in place for the firmware.