Why Us?

IntellaCoreIT managed service offering is hands-down the best choice for computer repair Tulsa small businesses can count on. Drawing on our decades of experience in managing complex IT environments, as well as our extensive experience with business operations and management, we will put together service packages that will meet your need and not break your budget. There are many reasons to choose an IT service provider, but we believe the most critical reason is not the technical competence of the company, but the business acumen of the company. As an IT Service provider, we know that you expect only the most highly trained and knowledgeable technicians, and we have that. But, when choosing a specialist in any area, it’s important to note whether they have the particular experience to address your specific needs. At IntellaCoreIT, as part of our computer repair Tulsa service, we have an extensive background and experience in managing diverse IT environments. In our 30+ years, we have watched technological transformations happen, and have been part of many of those transfer transitions. We have had the opportunity to see nearly every challenge that conveys an IT system. Because we have had experience with analyzing and overcoming these problems in the past, we are well-positioned to provide excellent service for today’s challenges.

Our technical staff is well trained, and we stay current on relevant certifications and preparing to meet today’s complex IT challenges. In addition to our specialized professional training, we also have certified business analyst on staff to help understand how technology can drive your business forward. We can offer far more than just maintenance on your systems; our computer repair Tulsa service can provide you with insights into how you can leverage technology to increase your bottom line increase your productivity.

Leading both the technical and business analyst teams is our founder and president Jeff Johnson. Jeff has over 30 years of experience working with information technology. As a software engineer, systems administrator, networking minister, security officer, and business analyst Jeff has an opportunity to study the ways that IT can help and hurt business. As an application designer, Jeff can provide tremendous productivity advantages on various projects through his career. By viewing IT with the business perspective, we can identify opportunities that most other service providers would mess.

With our experience and unique business perspective, we can offer a guarantee not found anywhere else in the managed services industry. We guarantee that we will fix your issue. In over 30 years of working on IT challenges, we have never failed to find a solution to our client’s problem. There are, of course, practical constraints on what any IT services company can provide. Catastrophic loss of hardware can sometimes result in data loss, and there is just no way to recover that data. But short of catastrophic physical damage, we believe that we can overcome any other IT challenge with dedication, creative thought, and persistence. That is why our computer repair Tulsa service comes with our fix it guarantee!

Our primary focus is to be an excellent provider of managed services for our small business partners. It is our goal to make sure that you as a business owner never have to be concerned about information technology. You should be able to rely on your servers, desktops, laptops, and network attached devices to work as are designed to work. We want these devices to not only work but to work as efficiently as possible. Your computer systems and network should be reliable, and you should be able to count on the support of your IT systems when you need it. In addition to the work and the time that we have devoted to perfecting our processes and techniques, we have partnered with the best in class service providers throughout the industry. When working with IntellaCoreIT, you are working with far more than just one company. You are surrounding your information technology with layers of expertise, teams of systems administrators, network architects, software engineers, and business analyst who will be able to bring the needed resources to bear on any problem that we find. In addition to the teams of experts, we use the best in class tools to analyze, document, monitor and maintain your IT systems.

We love small business, and we want to work with you to help you achieve your goals for this year and the coming years. We can eliminate the frustration and uncertainty of unstable systems. You should be able to make your business plans and know that those plans won’t be interrupted or disrupted by a failure of a critical system or delayed by the loss of service when you need it.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to show you the value that we can bring with our computer repair Tulsa. Many of our clients have been amazed at how quickly we can analyze and resolve issues. Many times, business owners have given up on finding a solution, and have just accepted the problem as a limitation they will have to endure. We believe the only thing that you should except is excellence from your IT service provider. Just like you strive to provide excellent service to your client, you should expect excellent service from us. We have the technical competence and experience to solve your IT challenges, but we also have a customer service mindset. We always keep the perspective of the business owner in mind. We love technology, and we want to make sure it works correctly, but we never lose sight of the fact that technology is there to serve you. Our vision is to be a partner for small businesses, to provide excellent IT services, and help you achieve your goals.

We offer a comprehensive and free evaluation of your system, which will allow us to put together a service offering that is custom designed just for you. Our computer repair Tulsa service is not a one size fits all service, it is designed to work for you. We can point out not only the areas where things can be improved, but we can show you where things are already working well. Let us help you find all the value in your IT systems.